Do you think tomboys are sexy?

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Do you think tomboys are sexy? yes no You will not be able to change your vote.
oh come on! there has to be someone that thinks they are sexy, besides me!

well it depends on how they look. if they are dressed like an official boy i wouldnt date them. but if she is dressed so sexy i think i might just get wet imidiatley between my legs

I think tomboys are extremely sexy

Depends. I knoiw one who is very sexy...!

tomboys are delicious. i know one who is always on my mind lately... totally drool worthy! :smileylol:

yes they are, only cuz i am one ; D.


Name: Jo. Age:17 Email: Hit me up for some conversation =)

sure they can be :). It really depends on the person though of course.

it depends on the girl.......and like how tomboyish she is

Im a tomboyand I think im pretty sexy. :smileytongue:

hell yeah total_tomboy!... *high five* =P

I like really feminine girls. :)

yes :) i usually think they are pretty sexy, depending on their personality and how they carry themselves :) but yeah, super sexy

All girls are sexy :p

tomboys are really sexy but sometimes it depends on how they carry themselves

Yes, I absolutely love tomboys. I do like it when they do look feminine; but when they wear more "rugged" clothes, that's so cute. 

depends on the girl

i think tomboys are pretty sexy. im a tomboy besides i think there has to be sexy tomboys cuz if we just had sexy girl gurls then life would suck.....i mean there has to be the ones that are willing to take risks ya know?

Yeah, tomboys are hella sexy! I personally think sexy has to do with the vibes someone gives off, so tomboys can definitely do it for me :P

As a tomboy myself, I think tomboys are awesome and cute but I've only dated fems so far, so maybe in the future.


Pic if curious


They can be pretty freaking sexy, yes.

Sorrrry if this is inappropriate, but you're kind of gorgeous, just saying.(:

you're pretty goregous yourself, but thanks :)

im transgender,single,and 14 i love women and will do anything for you .here is my picim very nice im sorry if i look angry in the pic

well considering that i am a tomboy and nearly get molested everyday by girls, i would say yes many girls find tomboys sexy. Or maybe just me ... hahahahahahaha

Rocker/skater girls are the sexiest... especially because I am one xD

Yes they can be sexy.  The one girl I was with was a bit of a tomboy.  Boyish body and definitely not a girly girl like me.  Sign me up!

Definitely. They are definitely sexy.

Yeah my GF is a tomboy so I definately think they are sexy.


Of course they are sexy!!

Depends on the girl... I tend to go for girls who look more feminine but have got a little bit of a tomboy side... But mostly it just depends on the girl.



I'm a tomboy

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