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So I've been friends with this girl for two years. We get along so well and we've helped each other through a lot. I've always ended up have crushes on my female friends but they go away quickly so I never act on them. This girl is different. I've had a crush on her for these two years. Never once not thinking about what if I could be with her. I just knew it would never happen. She's straight and I've been in a relationship for five years. The other day though, out of pretty much the clear blue my friend breaks up with her boyfriend that she's been on and off with for almost three years and starts dating a girl I had told her not two days before that I was thinking about leaving my relationship for. It turned out it was a passing thought and I really don't like the girl like that. My feelings for my friend are still strong and now I feel completely heart broken because of how much I care for her, and don't understand how all this happened in a matter of two to three days. My friend can tell I've been acting weird and I don't know if I'm suppose to tell her that I have strong feelings for her or just leave it be? Help please!!!! Advice is much needed.?

Side note: yes I am still in a relationship and I'm talking about other girls but my relationship is hanging by a string and I'm getting ready to leave it. Things are complicated?


Stop screwing everyone around including yourself. ?Have some standards for yourself. ?Break up with your partner you clearly don't want to be with or love. ?Tell the girl you are crushing on that you have strong feelings for her but you need time to sort yourself out first. ?Don't just jump out of one failed relationship or you will fail the one you jump straight into. ?Find some time to yourself and THINK. ?Write it down, make lists, exercise. ?Just clear your head and give yourself space to figure out what you want whilst single.

I'm confused. Are you talking about two different friends? Are you saying you thought shewas straight but she broke up with her bf and started dating a girl??

IAmYourDr makes a lot of sense.


I miss talking to you


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