Guys I could really use some advice on my abusive relationship?

So I have been in a toxic, abusive relationship for almost two years. I had been feeling drained and stuck for months until I finally got the courage to cut it off. See, he also had a massive drug problem and was sent to rehab. I decided to phone him and tell him he needed to consider moving on and I told him how some things in our relationship couldn't be forgiven. He begged me not to leave him and even his mom tried to convince me not to, well then we didn't speak for three days, he calls me I tell him it's over. And then he leaves rehab the next day starts blowing me up off of another number freaking out telling me to go be the slut I was before I met him, then proceeds to tell me he loves me etc my dumbass agreed to see him. We were fine then I started to realize how he was trying to control me again, and I hated that. So we didn't speak for six hours two days after he leaves rehab and then I logged onto his bumble and saw that he was talking to other girls, now I'm pissed as shit and defiantly dump him he didn't even care. So the next day I text him and ask him for the money he owes me (I had asked for three weeks) and he told me no, and that he'll never give me money and that he thinks I can be smart with him and he'll always have the upper hand and he'll never give money to someone who tries and hurts him on purpose, basically fuck him. I didn't even respond to him and blocked him. So a week goes by and I go out to a weekend away with my girls and then he sees the pics of me my friend posted and goes and blocks me on Instagram we literally weren't even friends on there, can I assume he did this for a reaction?


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