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? ? ? I recently started a Tinder account looking for other women. I met a girl and today we hung out for a few hours. Overall I think it went well, we have some common interest, she was pretty easy to talk to, and I found her to be very physically attractive. I've never dated another woman before, only fairly recently have I started to become more attracted to women and I have started to lose interest in men. There really wasn't any flirting or much physical contact between us. I'm shy, and kind of unsure how to express interest to another woman. I texted her afterwards letting her know that I had a good time, she said she had fun too. I'm not quite sure what to do now though. Do I wait till she asks me out, or do I try ask her out? How long should I wait? Does she really want to see me again? I'm at a lost XD

I'd say hit her up tomorrow just making small talk (asking her how she's been, what she's up to today, ect) and then asking her if she wanted to hang out with you again sometime in the week. That way if you don't make a solid plan by the end of the week you'll pretty much know for sure if she isn't interested.

I'm confused... unless you have really 'traditional' heteronormative views of relationships, dating women is the same as dating men. ?

I agree, treat it the same way you would a relationship with a guy. Yes she has a vagina instead of a penis, but the social constructs and etiquette are the same.?

hi sammy you are right...better to do with the girls of our age or with our class mates..once if they found out our desire they won't miss any occasion to finger with you or do some nude fun...


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