Im bi curious and shy, how do I meet girls in a big city?

I know I indentify as bixsexual but Ive never even kissed a girl before. I know Im also emotionally attracted to women and I really want to kiss another woman. I dont want casual sex but I would like to feel what its like to kiss. But I am so so so shy, just in general so I dont go out to bars/clubs etc.
Im in toronto and theres so many people, I dont know how to meet girls. Also people dont really know Im bi, so I have no idea how to meet girls.
Any advice??

Meeting girls is the same as meeting guys. ?You can't control who loves you back regardless of their gender or sexual preference, and you say you don't want casual. ?Straight girls get rejected too. ?Sure some people will be douchebags about your sexuality, but they clearly weren't decent people you want to even be friends with in the first place. ?As for meeting people, plenty of places to do that. ?Look for clubs, acitivites, sports, yoga, dating nights arranged by companies, etc. ?Same with any relationship, if you don't put yourself out there nobody is coming to you. ?Every relationship involves that risk. ?Good luck! ?There are loads of single people going through exactly the same as you, and plenty of happy couples who were once in that position.

IAmYourDr is absolutely right. I know how you feel. I haven't really met anyone local who is publicaly?out as bi or gay. I don't exactly put myself out there though and I know I'll never meet anyone if I don't. It's a huge risk and yeah you may get your heart broken, but that can happen to anyone in any relationship. My advice is to try to find someone with common interests and go from there. Good luck?


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