Cousin from florida !!

Hey everyone i need advice i just recently started likeing girls and guys of course. But im having trouble keeping my hormones together my cousin from florida is staying with us for a month until her parents finish moving there stuff over here. The point is till then we are shareing my bed and we hang out all the time its been hard to masterbate cause shes in the same bed as me and when i shower she comes in with me and likes me to keep her company and me seeing her naked has gotten diffucult cause she has an amazing body and i cant help bet get wet by looking at her. Idk what do can anyone help?

Maybe you should go someplace away from home where you can privately masturbate and get it out of your system (restroom, changing room). There's nothing so difficult as being bottled up with all that 'energy'.

Sometimes i just do it in school

On one hand it may screw up the family situation by making a move on her or starting anything sexual, on the other it may be a great relationship. ?There really isn't any reason why cousin-cousin lesbian relationships are wrong, just an old ignorant taboo. ?Do what makes you both happy if both of you are around the same age and old enough to be considered consenting grown-ups.

^ I actually agree. I don?t mean that in a mean way, it?s just that usually I?m not a fan of family members fooling around, but I don?t see anything wrong with two female cousins having a relationship or just having some fun every now and then as long as you both consent to it.?

Omg my phone and these darn ?'s?



it's when you put two spaces after a full stop I think... it is weird...?

For example. ?Weird right. ?Hah. ?

It is weird. I need to stop putting spaces in

Ha! It didn?t do it. Yay. Thank you!

I hate those silly ? marks. I spend more time editing my posts than posting new ones. Okay, I'll let you all get back on topic now, my bad.

I'm fairly certain ckeditor (javascript that provides the post box you type in) is responsible for the "?" problem

I say this because private messages don't run ckeditor and are free of the issue (you can clearly see this by how different they look)

I made a userscript a while back that prevents ckeditor from running resulting in the normal post box as seen in private messages load in

The post is over here -

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