How did you know you were bi?

I was just looking over all my old posts from 2011 when I was 11.. I don't know what was wrong with me lol. Everything was a crisis and clickbait and i don't know how i ever lived that way.. and I was obsessed with this guy, oh boy it was a mess~

Anyway, I've been torn before on this topic, and I return to it again with the same feeling. I thought I was bi about 4 or 5 years ago, and I told a few friends and felt it was true. Then i didn't anymore. Then about 2 years ago, I thought I may be bi again, but my boyfriend at the time told me not to tell anyone because he didn't want to be embaressed (we can see why that relationship ended...). So at that time, I stopped thinking about it and I was esentially just thinking "I could never be bi". Now here i am, almost 18, and questioning once again. I've been dating someone for my entire high school career essentially. I dated one boy freshman and sophmore year (the one who didn't want to get embarressed), who I broke up with summer before junior year. Then early junior year, I got together with another boy who I am with now, and am very happy with.

The point of all this, is that I've been with a boy since I was 14 essentially. Which is fine! Except I've never had the chance to experiement or explore. I am now feeling that I may be bisexual again because I am sexually attracted to women as well as men, but couldn't see myself dating one, as i never have before. I think it is possible that I am, but can not explore this for a few reasons. My boyfriend and I have realistic plans to become engaged in about 3 years, and I am very happy with him and love him very much. I will not be able to explore though since I am with him, so I don't even know if I'm bi or not.

I don't even know what my question is. I guess I'm just looking for advice?

Sounds like you like the idea of possibly fucking a girl, but not being in a commited relationship with one. ?You can't really call yourself bi if you wouldn't be in a relationship with a girl, without sex or holding hands etc. ?I'm in the same boat. In fact that's why I'm here! ?Sorta looking for advice on experimenting lol. ?That's all the advice I can give. ?

@CuteAsAButton If you are with a guy and happy with him, does it matter if you're attracted to girls? Find what makes you happy and stick with it. You can't always try every fantasy there is to be tried. The world is full of things, some we can have and some we can't. My point is, choose what makes you most happy. Sex is fun but if you're just scratching an itch I wouldn't jeopardize something more meanigful to mark it off the bucket list.
I have a sexual relationship with another girl but if I was in love with a man I wouldn't let my little flings get in the way of lasting happiness.

Being with a girl won't necessarily make your life more clear, focused or fulfilled. I did a thing with my best friend and it just confused matters a lot. You never think it will till you get to that point, but it can make a mess of things.


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