my best friends = complicated

so basically, im a guy and I've known one guy whom I went to school with all my life, lets call her jake..jake is a very outgoing and likable person,we recently went from middle school to highschool, and jake made a new friend, lets call him eman. he soon became my friend and we all grew to be good friends, bear in mind, I had no classes with jake whatsoever and eman and him had 2 classes 3 times a week while I had one class once a week with eman. eman turned out to be bisexual and said that he liked eman. eman freaked out and of course asked for my advice which he never takes and didn't. as time went on, eman had tons of other crushes who were girls and talked about boys. jake had a few girlfriends too and of course yasmine didn't like them. I also had to deal with eman asking questions like 'is emma with you', 'what time do you think emma will be back at since we havent seen eachother in ages'. it gets on my nerves then when eman went away on a class trip without a phone for two weeks, jake kept talking about him and how he'll get lonely. jake also told me that she was bisexual years ago so im very confused. i also feel left out because eman used to make an effort with me but now its all 'jake this' or 'jake that'. they also talk on myspace all the time and im starting to get annoyed, what do i do?

I'm sorry, but I'm really confused - I can't even answer your question. First, why are you on this website if you're a guy? Are you a closeted trans girl? But I mean in that case you wouldn't call yourself a guy because you're really a girl trapped in a guy's body, so I guess not that. Second, why did you call Jake "her?" Is she a cis girl or a trans girl? Also why did you say "Eman liked Eman." Like Eman is the same person, right? And where did Yasmine come from? Who's that? I would love to help you and answer this question, but please clarify - I'm really confused.?


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