I really like this guy and I can't stop thinking abou him argh!

It all started when I was going to this school for a few months and there was this guy called P./ I exchanged numbers with everyone in the new class and even got added to the class ?chat. So one day I say to myself I'll write P. A message (at that time I didn't have a lot of feelings for him) ?and we started texting, we had a very similar humour and in class everything was cool.?

Then I didn't go to this school anymore and I started home schooling, anyways me and P. Kept on texting andI even told him over text that I have a crush on him ( YES I Regret that cause it's shitty telling that over txt) and we ?even met up once, That day was when we met up was very cute we just had really nice conversations and he even waited with me at the train station until my train arrived and this was at the evening.?

Anyways I'm really torn ATM with him because, I can't get my head around him but somehow he doesn't text like he used to and ?I mean we still text but for me it's different... :( And now I made suggestion last week if he would be allowed to come into town this Wednesday to grabs pizza or something and he said 'I'll check' and I replied with 'okayy' and after that he left me on read.
I just want to know should I ask him again about Wednesday or leave him and wait if he replies? I really don't know why I'm so ?obsessed with him and that I have so feelings for him. Please someone give me some adviceee!!

He probably left you on read because you gave him nothing to work with. you said okay, what would he even say to that? I wouldnt read to much into that one. message him and say whats up, don't mention wednesday just yet. just try to have a normal convo, then maybe say "what'd they say about wednesday?" and if he says he didn't ask, don't push it. that means he doesn't want to hang out. If he really likes you and wants to see you, he wont just forget that you invited him out.


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