Long distance, soul mate finds a second love/girlfriend, what do I do?!

So my partner and I decided to break up a month ago because I have moved interstate and we're only 20 and though we love each other completely with our heart and souls there is still so much to live out as individuals and experience before we become the comited mushy type. We decided against the long distance thing because it's hard for both of us after each time I come back for a visit... that AND he found another soul connection that can help him grow as an individual at this point in his life.?
I need some advice on the following feelings,
what if these two hit it off better, Should I have not let her into the picture and lost my soul mate or is it just not meant to be?
Though I'm fine with people developing together, what if he doesn't want me back when he's grown up a little more, what if I stay a broken shell and never step up to his new dreams??
And what if i can't see that she's been manipulating him or something while I'm away and that that's the reason this drama has happened??

I'm in the same situation, only I'm the boy
​but, you got to be happy for him.
​It hurts really much, i know that,?but if he is happy with his second love, you have to let him go and be happy for him.

If this really is your soulmate, you will end up together no matter how much he likes this girl. As hard as that might be to remember, it is something you need to drill into your head. So for now, live your life! Stay in contact if possible, and let life and fate work their magic. While he's out there dating this girl, let yourself meet new people too!

Move on girl.


this is a bit confusing to me. if you broke up though because of distance and wanting to experience life as individuals, you can't excpect to get him back or have a say in who he dates. You can say that you plan on being broken up for a few years to experience life, then settle down together, is almost wholly unrealsitc. When someone "experiences life as an individual", they hook up or find new love interests, mature, and move on. If you truly loved each other, and felt you were soul mates, then distance alone shouldn't have caused you to break up. You should be able to mature together and experience life together. A relationship isn't supposed to hold you down and prevent you from experiencing life, it's supposed to enhance it. If you felt there was things you both wanted to do but couldn't because of the relationship, then it either wasn't healthy, or one of you wanted to hook up with people/be with someone else.. You should ultimatly move on because breaking up for a few months/years and then planning to get back together is unrealistic. One or both of you will move on, which it sounds like he has. You can't expect him to leave his other love interest once you decide to get back together, because he could already be attached to her, and you can't expect to weigh in on what he does now, since you broke up.


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