Help with dealing with constant rejection

I'm single and quite happy but when I do start to get involved with someone it doesn't last long before they tell me they aren't interested and the most recent on he won't leave me alone he bothers me but last night he made a move on my best friend and kissed her. He's been messaging both of us if he likes my best friend like he says he does then why is he still bothering me ? I've not started blocking him out as last me and my friend argued over it and I feel he loved it !?
Please can you advise me on this and how I move on from feeling so down ...also isnit just me or is what he doing actually sickening ??

Well, sorry but hes just having fun. He doesnt like any of you. Most of guys are like that. I suggest you to move on and focus on important things. Boys suck.


Thanks ... yeah I know that I think I'm just over thinking it and angry at myself for letting someone play games with me like that ..never had it happen before ! They do suck.?


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