why does this happen?

I hate being single, but when a guy starts to crush on me i get super anxious and push him away and then regret it when he's backed off. Does anyone else have this issue? It may be because of my trauma or anxiety disorder, but I can not understand why that triggers it.

Perhaps you are not ready to be in a relationship yet or that you just don't want to get close to that person. You could be just afraid as it is something new to you and unknown. You should try next time this happens to not push him away but if you feel uncomfortable back off a little and let yourself brealthe.

Thank you very much for th advice. will try.

you must control your emotion to reject him or he will stop trying and move on to someone else. once you are intimate with him this fear will go away. perhaps just some petting and kissing on first date. i think you fear he will want intercourse right away so you panic.?

thank you for the advice, will put that to the test


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