15 never kissed anyone?!

so im 15 years old and i havent had my first kiss, i know there are lots of ppl my age who havent kissed anyone but it just gives me anxiety bc it seems like EVERYONE is hooking up (making out not sex) in my grade and i havent even kissed anyone. i have been boy crazy my whole life so i've been basically dreaming of my first kiss my whole life. im not crazy about and says it needs to be perfect, ik its probs gonna be awk but i just want to have it!! i feel like part of the problem (actually probably the entire problem) is that im rly awk around guys, i dont have a crush on anyone so its not that i just feel awk. ik its dumb bc they're just a different gender and nothing more, idk why i just cant talk to them!!!! help!?

I was 13 and boy crazy. Don't worry, those girls who are constantly making out withguys will always be known as sluts. When people get comfortable with you they will find how amazing and responsible you are.

Pffft, ha ha :)
I've been alone untill 21 years. Started to find a proper guy then, two years ago. First kissed in the lips a year ago (my former dates was first and the last ones mostly). And have had sex for the first time just about a month ago. At 23.
Because I've been in a search for a proper man. Someone whom I will mutually love, befriend, want and respect at once.
Totally worth it :3

Try thinking this way: you are not alone, you are free and still untouched for your future 'Real' boyfriend. Be proud of it, not ashamed.


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