How Do I Handle This Crush?

I am absolutely head over heels for this guy, but I couldn't tell you why!

He's a coworker of mine, but we work in different depts. I only see him 2-3 days a week; we've hardly spoken. I used to initiate things, but they were short and fruitless b/c we were both on the clock. We haven't said a single word to each other in 2 weeks, I lost my confidence around him after he asked for my name and introduced himself. He has smiled at me a couple times while passing me, and I returned the smile... but nothing more, I couldn't.

I get so nervous whenever I see him, my stomach knots up and I breathing becomes difficult. I would definitely love to get to know him better. I don't know his age, so I figure, that might be a good thing to ask to get him talking again?

Today something just kind of dawned on me, I thought that maybe it's me who is giving him mixed signals since I've been avoiding him lately. I talk to other people with ease, including other men. I've changed my entire attitude towards him, I unintentionally roll my eyes or get annoyed when I accidentally look at him, because I am afraid he'll think I'm a creep.

I really just feel lost, I don't know what to do at this point. I've asked my friends for advice and they have told me to just talk to him, but what if he rejects me? They have all acted like it's such a simple task, but even if I want to say something to him, I can't. My voice catches and it feels like my body just forces me to keep walking, keep working, ignore the urge to speak, ignore wanting to make a move... but really? I WANT HIM SO BADLY!


It's painful because I don't 100% even know if I'll like him once I get to know him well, but just from what I have gotten to know, I feel like we'd get along.

You need to talk to him! Start off with small talk, maybe even get a sort of inside joke that you only both know, that creates a sort of bond for both of you. Definitely yes, ask him his age or what grade or year he's in, get the ball rolling girl! Can't be scared of rejection just by asking that right? It's harmless!

I'll talk to mine if you talk to yours!:)

I agree with snoopydays. Talk to him! You already know his possible reactions. He could either be interested in you or reject you. So now that you know that, what is there to fear? Just be casual. Notice something about him and flirtingly compliment him on it. Unless he is totally oblivious he'll realize you're interested and respond accordingly. If not, no harm no foul.?

I hope this helps! <3


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