So in the summer i met this guy and i thought i liked him but i hated kissing him and i didn't like going to see him he was so nice but i just didn't like doing that stuff with him i wanted to be his friend and when i told him that i was so happy because i hated being with him, i kinda stayed away from dating for a while after that but this guy has come into my life i met him online and he's coming to meet me soon but i'm scared i think i really like him but i'm scared i'm gonna feel like i felt with the other boy?and i'm kinda scared that i'll just feel that way about all relationships i consider getting into. Is there somehting wrong with me? please help

No there is nothing wrong with you. That is all natural. Don't let what happened with the other boy, stop you from being happy with this new one. You don't know how you'll feel with him if you dont meet him. I wouldn't worry about it there is no need to be scared.?


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