I'm not even sure if this is the right forum to be posting this in, but I am single, so here's what has been happening.
I started a new job this year and it has been great. I've met some great people, one of which includes a guy who I've connected with really well. We're both quiet types with similar interests and get on really well (although, sometimes it can be awkward).

As I've been working, we've gotten to know each other and eventually started going out places. We'd talk for hours (sharing personal things and trivial nonsense) and stay out places far longer than we should have. We both know we like each other and it only came to our attention at our work Christmas party recently (by another co-worker) that we've been "dating" (and I stress that it's not a relationship yet). We have agreed to let it flow naturally to see where it takes us.

Our dates have been amazing and I really like the guy - and maybe that's my problem, I like him too much because now I'm worrying about every little thing. We were working together this past Sunday and all through our shift, he barely said two words to me, but after our shift ended, we caught the train together (he lives on the train line and I had to go to the city for a connecting train home) and he was fine and acting his usual self. I text him asking if he's still on for our movie date and I get a mixed reply.

Maybe he's just going through some things that he needs to work on alone, or he's just exhausted from work (he's a really hard worker), and I understand all of that, I really do. But I just can't help but think if he's losing interest because it's "me", am I being too available, am I texting him too much (and I'll only text him about potential dates and hoping he's not working too hard)? We both have never dated anyone before (which is why we're not rushing anything) and we have such a great connection and mutual attraction for each other that it's got me in a tail-spin.

I know I'm just overthinking everything but it's concerning as I am legitimately worried about him. Any advice is really appreciated :)

You could be overthinking and just worrying for no reason. Maybe he is still just figuring out what he is doing with his life and his relationship with you.


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