Any older girls out there? (19+)

Hey. I am struggling super bad right now. There is this guy at my church. I really like him and this time it is different, I like him differently than I have liked other guys in the past. But we have grown to be really good friends. I am 19 and have never dated anybody. Never been asked out, never had a first kiss, never held hands, nothing. I am sure he probably knows already but I feel the need to tell him. However, I do not want to ruin the awesome friendship we have. I dont know what to do and this post is mostly me rambling on but are there any girls my age or older out there that can give me some advice?

Maybe tell him personal facts about yourself one fact at a time little by little (ie. tell him you never had a boyfriend before one week then a week later tell him you never been asked out). Spend more time with him as well and things like this will just come out naturally as you'll figure out when the time is right is to say things and how.

If you guys are friends maybe you can jokingly mention it so he knows with out having a serious talk about it. The fact that you've never been kissed is not a big deal, everyone has their first kiss at different ages. And if you get uncomfortable with his advances becasue they are too foward you should let him know that you are new at this but if he treats you right and you are happy I don't think it'll be a prob!

Good luck and I hope everything turns out amazing :)

Hey! I am also 19! I've only been in one relationship and had my first kiss right before my 19th birthday. The thing is- we're made to think we need to reach certain milestones by certain ages, and its honestly bull. Theres no need to have your first kiss in middle school or first relationship in high school - every person and life is different and unique and things happen at their own pace. So the idea that "we're late" is dumb- it's not a race. If you want to tell your new guy friend- do it. But don't make it a huge deal, and likely, he won't either. It's understandable to feel a little bashful- and honestly, he might just find it cute. But don't put yourself down or act ashamed. It's a simple fact! You haven't kissed anyone! Big whoop! I would tell him casually, don't just randomly spew all these facts, but if you're talking about relationships or the opposite sex, ask him about his history, and then tell him yours. If he's a good guy, what you tell him won't change how he views you negatively.


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