I am 17 and never had a serious relationship.

Recently I have been really scared about my inexperiance about relationships and things like sex. I am about to go to college and I feel like my inexperiance about these types of things are embarassing. I haven't had my first kiss, I am a virgin, and I have never really had a serious relationship (or a relationship) at all. I just feel like this isn't a normal thing for a girl my age. Is it?

This is normal. Each individual experiences things at different times and in different ways. I didn't have a boyfriend, nor had I even kissed anyone until I was 17, either. I hadn't even been on a real date or even held hands with a guy until I met him. We all go at our own paces and you'll experience this when things are in place and you're ready to do it.

Girl, don't work yourself up about this. Fully 1/3 of people go to college without having any sex at all and plenty of them haven't done anything involving a serious relationship either. Everyone moves at a seperate pace and you have to move at the pace that is the most comfertable for you to move at. Basically, don't worry yourself over this.


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