tired of being single

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The first boy who asked me out was a boy called Niall Sullivan and he got rejected.

I think you can't just lump everything into "being in a relationship". It's all about Individuals. ?You don't want a relationship. ?You want the right relationship with the right person at the right time for the right reasons. ?It's actually pretty hard for all that to be right at the same time, so if you just get in the first relationship you can just because you can, it is likely to not be good.

sr535:The first boy who asked me out was a boy called Niall Sullivan and he got rejected.?

Don't put people's real full names on here.?

literally same. Except I have a huge crush on this boy, and his friends are jerks. I don't know how to talk to him.

im 14 and ive been single my whole life, i used to go to a mixed school but now im in an all girls school so yep i dont really know a lot of guys and it doesnt help that im shy so what should i do


@annabelle789, you're only 14! Don't worry about not having a boyfriend yet :) But if you truly want one, it'd be a good idea to do some extracurricular?activities. I myself have a lot of fun doing sports, maybe you could take one up?and meet new people of both genders. Or you could try theater, art, gaming, robotics -- anything, really. New hobbies always help with meeting new people, and as a bonus they're super fun. That's my advice, hope it helps :3

My boyfriend recently just broke up with me because he is going into the army. I hate being alone. We still talk, but it feels like he doesnt miss me at all. I want to find someone new, so I can move on with my life. Im so freaking tired of having no one by my side!

Usually when you're a teen it's seen as a "Oh you're not old enough to know" type of situation when it comes to guys and love. But trust me, I know my own emotions. And I just can't seem to figure of dating. I try to be understanding and compassinate but maybe sometimes I do it too much.?.? With some people it's a hookup. Others are just dating to date. But ever since I was young I have always been in love with the idea of love. Maybe it's the books I've read or the movies I've seen. But everything written is usually a fairytale. The "Jock falls for the geek" type of situations. And it is just so difficult to try and find the right guy for me. Because most guys really do just want to get in your pants. And because of my unwanted awkwardness around guys, every good chance I've had with a nice guy screws up. No I'm not desparate, but like everyone else I just want someone there. Someone that will acknowlegde me and always be near. And most of this may not make sense but, just listen. I try but I do not know how. I've had one 2 week relationship and that was in the 7th grade.. And being a junior now, I've grown and adjusted to these standards that girls have and that relationships are seen as. And to try and break that path is so difficult because I try and tell myself "maybe I'll meet my knight in shining armour someday". But then there are times where I've been told that it is fake and cliche and that life doesn't work that way. And yes I know that, but I can still hope for happiness, ya know? I can still wish to fall in love with someone. And I have had some much trouble with that which is stressful and just insanely confusing. So does anyone have any solutions? I am mainly just throwing this out there because it's nice to write it and speak out. And if any of this sounds corny/cheesy to you guys, please know I do not mean too. I'm only rambling lol.


@C16kinky If it is true and real love, if you move on you two just might find each other again. But if you start new and end up falling for someone new, just let life take its course. Time can only tell and show ones true self. And if it's love, then it's love! :) If that makes sense lol. But good luck and I'm sure you'll do the right thing. Just go with what your heart says!

I am also a single and I love enjoying my company with my friends and love to spend time with my parents too. My mom is very friendly with me and uses to share everything. I have never thought of one. I am happy to be single and hope that my parents would find me a good looking guy...

hi? yes? had?? a? boy? he? was?? hands?? all? over? me?? if? you?no?? ?wot?? i? am? saying???? did? not? like?it??if?you?no??? wot??i? am???? saying? i?? do? like? boys?? but? girls? r? nice?? to?? x

Being single in high school to me seems like the most annoying thing ever. I'm 15 and I've been in all types of relationships but none seem to last so I'm getting irritated. The best thing for you to do its wait the wait and hope that the "perfect guy" comes around soon. Just always remember that it's never a competition. Some girls do end up trying to compete?with their best friends but that's not the whole point of being in a relationship. Another thing is to keep an open mind when it comes to guys. Not all are gonna have the whole set of qualities you want but there are some that are pretty close out there. In this case, patience is key.

<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->Hi dear! I know what loneliness means. I hate it with burning passion. I've been single for over a year (since my bf cheated on me with my best friend). When loneliness starts slowly killing me, I chat with the guys through some chatrooms ( http://okaydating.com/?), but nothing serious. I need to get over my ex prior to starting new relationship.?
By the way, loneliness can be an opportunity to spend more time on something that matters the most.

Oh sweetie, don't feel insecure because you've never dated a guy. You're still only 15. You have plenty of time.?Never date a guy (or a girl) just to be in a relationship. I'm 18 and I've never dated, never kissed, etc. Although my circumstances are a little different. If you want to meet new people, try joinging clubs that you are interested in. It's a fun way to meet people that have the same interest as you. Obviously you can meet people online, but if that person lives far away, long distance doesn't usually work out for the best. If your passinate about helping others, try volunteering in your spare time. Just be yourself and eveything will work out fine, I promise :)

Well im a similar every one of my companions hv a bf n i dont . there is individuals i like and who like me ut i simply think ther not ideal for me i truly need a sweetheart however i simply abhor being single yet you cannot loathe the players detest the amusement . however, i only learnt to manage it since i know i will discover somebody soon so simply quit focusing be cheerful ur the single one without all the kid issues and young men jus being young men .i might be youthful yet i knoow alot

If you are tired of being single, then perhaps you are just too picky. ?I mean, there are tons of nice guys out there, but we girls tend to be waiting for just one particular guy to ask us out (and sometimes, that guy is sort of a jerk). ?I konw that a hot guys is always fun to look at, but consider dating a guy who is just a little bit warm, and you might be surprised how great the relationship is (and once you fall in love with a warm guy, it can get pretty hot).

I feel this a lot. I'm about to be 20 and I've never had a relationship. I've had hookups before but that's not satisfying to me and I wish all the time for a relationship but I also understand that my time will come and I just need to be myself and be patient and it will happen. I just wish it would happen soon haha.

well i have this issue that when a guy asks me out end up saying no and eventhough i like him and heaven knows i hate being single and every boy i like i uaually dont have the nerves to tell them and i hate seeing them with other girls girls it is really annoying how much a coward i am i hate single

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I'm so tired of being single! All of my friends at least have a boyfriend, or had a boyfriend. I tried to not be singe, but I be to desperate. Should I play hard to get? I'm so confused. HELP!!

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