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Ok so I'm 15 and I've been single for my whole life except for a two week relationship with a dummy. I am like I like the only person out of all my friends that has not been in a real relationship and has problems getting in to one . I don't like anyone at the time but I start back up in school with my junior year in high school so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how I could try to find a boyfriend /girlfriend? And I want a relationship with someone in my town so yea I don't date people on the internet...

Trust me here, I am in the same spot as yourself (except never dated like at all) and what ive learned is that no one just ends up alone by choice. Meaning eventually someone will come along. Next year just be yourself, get out of your shell if you are on the shy side, and dont try to force yourself to like anyone for the sake of getting into a relationship, let it happen naturally and at your own pace. Btw loads of people I know are currently dating in highschool and in my eyes its an utter catastrophe, its like having children teach children math. Waiting until college to get into a relationship is not shameful or wrong, personally thats my plan (Im gonna be a senior next year). hope this helped xx

Hahah yup I've been single my whole entire life and I felt a bit sad and worthless for a few months. At the moment I've stop wishing for things because I've figured that you can't really make anything happen, especially if it isn't meant to be. I know everyone says it, but you cannot make anyone like you. You just have to be yourself and if they see something about who you are on the inside that they like, they might start to like you! I kind of have that problem right now. I used to like someone and I acted really awkward around him and then I stopped liking him that way because I decided that I wanted to be friends with him. So... I started being myself and acting the way I act around my girl friends and he likes me now :/ Good luck with everything :) 
I hope you a great school year! 

well im the same all my friends hv a bf n i dont . there is people i like and who like me ut i just think ther not right for me i really want a boyfriend but i just hate being single but you cant hate the players hate the game . but i just learnt to deal with it because i know i will find someone soon so just stop stressing be happy ur the single one without all the boy problems and boys jus being boys .i may be young but i knoow alot

well im the same all my friends hv a bf n i dont . there is people i like and who like me ut i just think ther not right for me i really want a boyfriend but i just hate being single but you cant hate the players hate the game . but i just learnt to deal with it because i know i will find someone soon so just stop stressing be happy ur the single one without all the boy problems and boys jus being boys .i may be young but i knoow alot

i am 12 i am going into year 8 this year i have dated  two boys this year hav't got boyfriend right now i chubby so is hard to get boyfriend 

I entered my junior year as a virgin and after the summer I was no longer a virgin. I learned that in dating, you gotta know whether you want to be single or not because people will not figure this out for you. They will just go along with whatever you say to get in your pants and be gone after they yern for something new. Listen to your mind and your gut. Your heart is not completely active because you are not sexually active. Its a whole nother mindset when you are having sex and its very hard to think clearly between what you want and what is best for you but; do the right thing for yourself. Dont worry too much about what others are thinking, the truth will expose itself. You may meet a gentleman or an asswhole but what you get is nothing more or less with guys. They immature slowly so be careful, they play games whether its in the bedroom or not! We all have mental fears but only hang around people that are gonna treat you right because like I said, what you get is what you get. Only waste time where time is wasted on you and dont rush to grow up. Dating is nerve racking and you have to get on birth control and stuff once you found someone. They have free clinics in most places where your information is confidential. 

Ps. College guys are more mature for the most part, and i think you can wait. its hard but every guy you date will make you paranoid about the next one lol trust me.

I feel like some advice or opinions might not be as helpful since some girls seem like they are still very young. I'm 22 years old (still very young as an adult), and I've been five relationships, two of which were a year, and one was three years and a year of that relationship consisted of me and my bf being in different states. It's hard going to the movies or doing things with friends and being surrounded by couples, I know and feel for you as I'm single right now. But if there's any advice I could give you, its STOP LOOKING!! At the point of being fed up with being mistreated, I HATED the thought of guys, let alone their pressence, haha. And what happened? This guy from my class who I always thought was a jerk asked me on a date. I had no plans and wanted to get out of the house, so I said yes knowing I didn't want anything. That guy turned into the only person I've ever loved more than anything and would to this day die for. We dated for three years and wanted to get married. My mother, my friends who are married or engaged, and from personal experience, focusing on yourself and making your happiness priority will lead you into the best relationship you'll ever have, I promise. 

The last piece of advice I have for you, which is completely opposite of some on here, is DON'T DATE OLDER GUYS!!! From someone who has tried dating guys in my age range (21-28) and has dated someone older for a year (35), both are bad decisions. Guys my age range are either wanting to have sex with someone and move to the next (because they don't want a relationship to tie them down), or wanting to party all the time with their guys friends. Or both. And older guys are single for a reason. They're usually too screwed up to date anyone their age or for anyone their age to fall for their crap, so they end up dating younger girls/women who are unfortunately a little more naive to their tricks. Of the options, dating older men is worse. The older guy I dated was the only one who didn't want me going out with friends, putting on makeup, texting other people, living somewhere else, and to top it off, he's the one who cheated on me with multiple women. Because they're older, they're more advanced in lying and manipulating. Sorry for the long reply and if this seems very negative. I don't want you to make the same mistakes I did which led up to dating someone who was psychotic or dating someone my age to find out he's already moved on or dating someone else. Guys LOVE happy, condfident girls. Its attractive. They HATE girls that try too hard or won't leave them alone because they love the chase. They want what they can't have, I promise. So if you focus on yourself and make it seem like you don't want anyone, someone will fall right into your lap ;) 

uggggghhhhhh I get you so damn much. I go to an all girls school so I don't know many guys, and all the guys that I do know are just about to go to college (English college, not like university) so I know they're gonna have a huge dating pool, so there's no way they'd still be wanting to go out with me. And if they did want to go out with me, why didn't they ask me out already?? I've known them for years! So I'm pretty sure I'm facing another year of the forever single life, which I know is totally normal since I'm only 15, but still ANNOYING.

I've never been in any relationship before and you know I'm not really ugly or anything but nobody ever really showed interest. Is thereanything wrong with me? Will I be alone forever???

So I am absolutly sick and tired of being single. All I ever think about is having a boyfriend, not because im desprete, because im not, although it may sound like it. Theres this one guy speciffically who I cant stop thinking about. I've friend zoned him twice. Once last year and once this year. but i still really like him. Idk why i did it... and it wasnt even like i did it the first time and was like that was a mistake... no i did it again! and recently too! we dont even talk as much as we did last year when we were really flirty good friends, well not in person at least.. we have a snapchat streak so we snapchat often. but i got my phone taken away so its like once a day now when i get a chance to use my friends phone. The second time i friendzoned him actuallly started with me admitting i had a crush on him at first and then the convesation went on and he said he had a crush on me too but then i felt as if i was coming off to desprete and easy so i said something like "oh well guess we shouldve told eachother sooner we should just be friends!" i dont know why i did that.. beause literaly right after i sent it i regretted it... oh and another thing he has sortve a thing witht his girl who im friends with but she has no idea that i like him.. i play along with her and like listen to her stories about him and stuff. but it honeslty pisses me off so much. When i see him at school i act as if i dont even care about him and he does the same except i dont think hes acting but at the same time idk!! I truly want to be over him but at the same time i just want to hookup with him and see how that goes... please help me... im so confused....

Im 13 years old and there is a guy in my grade and i like him and yes he knows 
what do i do??
do i ask him out??
what do i do???

Senior in high school, never been on a date. You're not the only one.

The single life is actually fun when you think about it. Allow  love come to you dont run after it i mean if you want a bf/gf for the sound of it ... then thats another thing 

I'm 17 years old now and about two months ago I had split up with my ex-boyfriend, who happened to be my first "serious" boyfriend at the age of 16. 

What happened before then? Well I started talking to guys properly, finding what I hoped for. The key to this is take each day as it comes to you, because today and tomorrow are two seperate days. 

You never know what could happen today, tomorrow or the next week. My advice just now is just to talk casually to guys that you are acquainted with. The more guys you talk to, the more ease you have in becoming a girlfriend. It's also good to try and be a friend, before thinking about being their girlfriend. Also remember to think to yourself, "What do I want in a boyfriend and can I offer as a girlfriend?". 

Hope this helps! :)

It's okay to be single, i've like been single hole my life to and i am 16 and im collage, okay i had a boyfriend once but that was like,5 month we never saw each other and he cheated on me, any way what i am trying to say is you don't have to  rush this. Just keep a clear mind and always think i haven't had a boyfriend yet because i haven't found the right guy yet, and beacuse all your friends are in relationships doesn't mean you need to be to. IT'S NOT A COMPATION! Chillax your time will come, just enjoy single life now while it lasts. <3

I'm on the same boat girls. I'm 23 now and still no boyfriend. I don't know what i'm doing wrong. Everytime I meet a guy it seems like they either aren't interested, lose interest..or they like me and I have zero interest. Sigh, always one sided..

I'm tired of this shit.

No boyfriend since birth. HAHA. But as my mom always says, The right guy for you will came on the right time just don't get rush. "Good things come to those who wait" :)

"Good things come to those who wait"
my parents always say that too but i am 21 still single, i bet i will still be single at 24. i dont want to wait, if i dont do something about it it wont happen on its own. 

i am 12 i have liked this guy for ages and i dont know if i should tell him and i relly want a relationship some of you guys might go thats way  to young to want a boyfriend it does not matter about what age i am but any way if i tell him i like him and he does not like me back it wil be realy akward cause he is good friends with my bestfriend calum and it will make it wierd and i just dont know what to do help please i need advise  

Hey everybody, 
I'm new to gurl and I don't rlly know how to start one of the question things So I'm gonna do it on the replies... my problem is that I really really want a boyfriend. I'm 14 and I have some rlly good friends but I want a guy. My problem is that Im ugly: I weigh something like 160 lbs and I am 5'5". I like my hair and my smile though. I'm friends with a couple of guys but not too close. I'm not disgusting that nobody would ever want to hook up with me but my appearance affects my self confidence and I just don't know how to get a guy. And I'm not even looking for a boyfriend but I don't rlly care. All I want is just to hook up but I don't know how to do that. It seems like it's the same girls that hook up with all the guys and Im not sure how to get people interested in me. I think I'm pretty outgoing, I'm funny, I'm nice, I make friends very easily, but how do I get rid of that innocent vibe, and let people know I want to hu? I still don't want to give off that slutty vibe like i will hook up with anyone?
MY OVER ALL QUESTION: how do I get into the hooking up science if I'm ugly?

Adding to that^ I have long dark hair and dark eyes

ive been single for all my life and i really am tired of it . i know alot of family and best friends love me already but i want the boyfriend type of love . Sometimes not having a bf makes me think if guys find me pretty but then i think to myself no im better than that , but still there are so many guys out there for each girl but all of them seem to go to the same type of girl big butt and big boobs . so sick of it

Hey i'm 14, kind of is the same situation at the moment. I guess last year I found myself in love with several boys and by love i mean obbessed. Luckily i managed to be able to date both of them, the first one lasted a?5 months and the other lasted a bit longer than the summer holidays. What i am trying to get at is after that boy dumped?me it took me ages to get over him. If i am totally honest i can say that i am not 100% over him now. Which is where i relate to you in an almost the same way, i haven't found i like anybody properly, the same as i used to like guys. I've tried to make myself like guys by getting my friends to pick a guy and i'll just flirt with them but you can't force feelings i guess, everything is supposed to happen at a certain time. To be honest, i am guessing your future is a bit different to mine, i have to kiss 1000 'toads' before i find my prince but it seems as though you should get yours right away. What i am trying to say is you need to be patient but aware of the day that perhaps your 'soulmate' could see you meaning be ready for any moment. To perhaps speed up the process try to meet a few more people, like try to go to clubs, gatherings or parties in your town. And never forget to be yourself as well as cute and not overly the top flirty (unless he's HOWTTTTTTTTT!!!!, in that case just kiss him right there ((joking))!!!
Hope this helped!!!! xx

YEA all this is realy true and relatable.

hi im 16 and i had sex with my friend who is 18. he told me that he likes me but he doesnt want to get into a serious relationship. i have been single for almost a year and i would like to change that by being with him. everyone keeps telling me that he took advantage of me but i dont see how that is possible because we still text but we dont hangout anymore ever since we had sex, and that was almost 2 months ago. the last time i was alone with him was a couple of weeks ago and it was after school and he parks his car in the parking lot thats across the road to the school. he called me over to his car and we talked then when i had to go he kissedme for like another 5 minutes. i dont know whats going on. im really confused about this. ?

Finding myself single again and thinking wow.. I don't think I was ever actually "with" him. 3 years gone on a guy who never loved me. The shock of finding out he's married and congratulations! I'm the other woman! (golf claps) just what I always wanted! Said no woman ever. ?I'm sick of my heart breaking every single day and I'm sick of feeling this way. For now, I'm going to crawl into the proverbally hole and suck on my metaphoric thumb and stay in my darkness. ?3x a charm? No.?
Swear, if I hear another guy say, nice guys finish last, I'll knock their junk into another galaxy.

Ok, SAME. I'm 15 and I've never had anything even close to a relationahip, EVER. Never been on a date, never been kissed, never been asked for my phone number by a boy. Even though I know I'm young, I still have this crazy insecurity that no one will like me (and the fact that I'm chubby with acne doesn't help). But what makes my situation worse is that I mask all of my fears with this crazy judgemental sarcasm that pushes everyone away.
So basically, I'm secrety a hopless romantic while overtly being an unapproachable jerk.?
I'm sick and tired of being single, too. It's not so much that I'm an unhappy person as much as I think I would really benefit from a relationship. Thoughts? I'm an awkward flirter and end up insuting every guy I like. What can I do to find someone?

#1 tip for finding new people is:? Open yourself up to new experiences. Try a new club you're interested in, sit in a different corner of the lecture hall (especially for a big class), go on a weekend trip/ event through school. A shake-up to your routine can bring different people together and in different ways. It's key that while trying new things, you must also make the most of the opportunity (ie. gather your courage and talk to the people around you!). Even if you don't eventually find a BF by this method, at least you should make some new female and male friends and memories. :)
Knowing personal things about someone leads to attraction to them (sometimes friendship-attraction, but sometimes something more). Some good ideas could be: "If I could do anything on a day-off, I would do _____________" or the happiest/ saddest/ most memorable moment of your life (use your common sense here), or what you value most about my sister/ best friend. It builds some non-sexual intimacy between you. Things like "I have a cat and a dog" are more non-personal, and while it's totally fine to bring up, it wouldn't help build that intimacy.

*More ideas here: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/open-gently/201310/36-questions-bring-you-closer-together. Use your best judgement on what to say. Also, I think that asking these 36 Qs could make you closer but probably wouldn't make you/him fall in love; (says the 3rd year student taking psych :P).

I am 14, all my friends have boy friends. And I feel left out, honestly I am not half bad looking. It's just nobody sees it because I am not considered popular. I am not popular because i dont hurt other(emotinaly) to get ahead. Any Advice?

To Alicia1414 don't rush things unfortunately that's what I did and I ended up being raped. This all happened when I was 17 I'm 22 now. Depending on where you reside?

I totally feel that. I like girls and guys and literally no one has asked me out. I guess when i finally date someone, we'll be a pretty great pair because I've waited so long.?

I'm single also and never had a bf. And that ok cause I feel that one day a night in shining armor will come my way one day.

im 15 havent had my first kiss sould i just rush it or let it come with time (like when im 18 or ?something[) but i want my first kiss so what shoul i do?
i dont really like anyone right now

I have had crushes on boys of my own age at school.4 of the boys i have had crushes on asked me out.And got rejected.There are like 17 boys that i have had crushes on. The boys are all either lovely or nice. I am so fed up of being single.

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