Will a guy ever like me and my severely lopsided boobs?

And I really mean severely. Left one if totally flat. Right one is about an average C cup. It looks so weird and deformed. If anyone has experience with this same thing, it would be great. But especially if you have a guy you can ask, that would be helpful. :smileylol:

i haven't got any experience with your problem but i just want to say that if a boy wasn't interested in you because of it, he's not worth your time.

there's more to a girl than boobs and if that's all a boy is interested in he's superficial, immature, stupid and just plain horrible.


don't worry, your boobs won't have anything to do with a genuine, nice boy liking you for YOU

look your boobs should have nothing to do with you getting a boyfriend. if a guy likes you but wont date you because of your boobs than he just isnt good enough for you. and thats the pure truth. dont let any one tell you otherwise because you are beautiful. and soon you will find a guy just as great.

always be beautiful


Yes, a guy is still going to like you, regardless of what your boobs look like. 
A C-cup isn't a huge difference and in all honesty, it's natural for one breast to be large than the other, due to the muscle development on the dominant side. 

You could possibly try doing certain exercises that work your pec muscles, which would help lift and even out the different in your boobs more, but in all honesty if I were you I wouldn't even worry. You'll probably find that while you're paying attention to it constantly, other people can't really tell or notice a difference. 

I went through my teens feeling freakish. Then, I realized I was the only one who really paid much attention to them other people really couldn't tell. I had my share of boyfriends and they were all ok with it. (One used to say it was like having the "best of both worlds" and he didn't think it was weird at all.)


Most women haven't had a problem telling their boyfriends (see quote above), from what I've read and stuff, so try not to stress or worry about it. 


hi, I have that problem too, at first some guy friends were teasing me about it but since I've got a bf now I joke about it with my bf as we are both comfortable with each other but dw it will be like he have 2 different type of boobs in  1 ;)) haha just joke about it and don't try to give it much attention or else the others will notice more . :)) 


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