Single forever!

I am 18 this year and ive never properly dated.. i mean yeah i've peaked a guys lips once when i was 15 and other then that i've been completely single my whole life and it scares me.. i'm scared no guy will ever like me, the last guy i lied decided we didn't have enough in common. I'm tired of this of watching all my friends meet guys and fall in love whilst i just sit on the sidelines. I'm not a party girl and i don't drink which probably doesn't help but i don't wanna change that just to meet a guy.

Hello, if it reassures you I am 23 years old and I had my first date, first kiss, first bf, and first sex at 21 years old. Do not rush yourself and find the perfect guy for you. There are millions of guys in the world and I am sure there is at least one guy bound to like you.

Have you ever tried a dating app or dating site? I found my first bf there.

Wish you all the best.


I'm 24 and met my first bf on when I was 19 ( I actually met two bfs on the site so it's promising) so why don't you try that? Do you volunteer and/or work? Try that.If you're not into drinking try churches where most people don't drink OFTEN.


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