I'm soo done being single!

I'm sure there's a billionnn posts out there about girls (and guys) like me who are tired of being single but like... I'm SOO tired and done with being single! I'm 19, never been in a relationship, literally had my first kiss two months ago, went on my first date EVER a few months ago, and am still a virgin!?

It's just really embarassing because I'm getting to that point in my life where my uncles and them would ask me why I'm not talking to any guys or why I don't have a boyfriend. All my close friends and family are dating and it just really sucks. Everyone has someone to be there for them and I'm here all reliant on my friends and family because they're all I have; but, this makes me feel super needy so I always hesitate to hang out with them now because I don't want to bother them.

It just really sucks... I never have luck with guys and every time something good starts to happen, I either get cold feet or the guy does and then we break things off. I'm also a big believer in focusing on oneself and making sure that you're 100% ready to handle a relationship before you start one and honestly, before, I wasn't. I was unsure of what I wanted to do with my life (career-wise) and who I wanted to be, but now I know and I have a plan and everything is finally falling into place. The only problem, is that guys wanted to be with? me when I was in that stage of self-discovery and now that I'm finally pushing out of it and actually developing myself there's no one here D:?

I guess I just need encouragement lmfao. I always tell myself and everyone else that when it's the right time, someone will come my way; but, damn! How long do I have to wait? It's embarassing and sucks when you have 16 year olds telling you about their sex-lives (not that I'm jealous), or asking you for relationship advice when you've never been in one :/


Love is illusive when you search for it. Don't try to hard.

Girl, calm down. I am 23 now but I had my first bf when I was 21, had my first kiss when I was 21 too with my bf, lost my virginity at 22. Do not fret! There is still lots of time!! Btw, I am still together with my boyfriend :)

The things is, I was not actively looking for a love life but I found one when i was not looking for it. And you might too!


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