I'm a fifteen year old bisexual female virgin who has never even had a first kiss.?
The problem? I'm single, but I'm horny all the time and masturbation just isn't cutting it anymore. It's like I need another person besides just myself.?
And there's no one I can even talk about this with because no one even knows I masturbate and all of my friends are the type of people you can't talk about this stuff with.?
And I don't even have someone I can make out with or anything because I'm single and there's really nothing I can do about that.?
I've tried watching porn but it's just gross to me. Like to the point where I wonder if I'm asexual or something but I'm always turned on by stuff and want to masturbate and stuff I don't know...
I just need someone to talk to me about this because I really don't have anyone I can talk about it with

I'm 14 and bi and in a similar position. My friends are exactly the same when it comes to masturbation so I understand. I would be happy to talk about this with you, I will PM you. Char :)?


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