3 reasons it's good to be single

Here are my reasons why it's good to be single:

1. You can focus on things that truly matter to you...

2. You can gush over swoon-worthy guys, without consequence


3. You won't get heartbroken or cheated on.

Those are my reasons.. What's yours?

these reasons seem very silly.. if you cant focus on things you truly enjoy while in a relationship, then it's an unhealthy relationship. you can swoon over whoever you want as long as you don't cheat, and swoon to your close friends. and if you constantly think you'll get cheated on, then you've not being fair to whoever you've with and therefore making an unhealthy relationship. being single is good, you can hook up with people and never think about anyone but yourself, which is great for some people. but being in a relationship doesn't mean you can't enjoy things you love or admire other people's looks.

Yup I think its right.

yeah i can still tell my friends that a boy is nice looking and so on and say things about him (even if he's taken)?

1. More time to improve on yourself and do the things you want to do.
2. You can flirt with any guy you like just for fun. Think of the possibilities!
3. No boyfriend to argue or fight with or cry over for (lol)


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