Stupid question....pregnant or sick or side effects ?

=15pxOK so I've actually never been pregnant, but last Thursday in late night or early Friday morning around midnight to three I six or seventh my boyfriend and I had sex and the condom broke, so the next day we went and got emergency contraceptive and I took it around four on that Saturday. However Around Sunday to now Thursday, July 6, I feel extremely nauseous I have a headache I feel extremely tired when I eat I feel sick but if I don't eat then you know I feel sick I breasts are very tender as well also I am going to the bathroom lot number one and number two . I just didn't know if it could be symptoms of being actually sick which I'm not usually sick or side effects of the contraceptive or the possibility of being preggers. I didn't know if there was really any way to tell without waiting for a whole Nother week. This honestly might be a really stupid question in that so I'm sorry.


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