Stupid question, please help! :(

Hi! I know this may sound stupid but it's worth a shot. I'm 19 years old and I've been chilling with this dude for a couple months-- we always make-out, cuddle, and so on. But last Saturday; we had oral sex. I know I'm just being paranoid & my anxiety comes into play because of this. He had boxers on, I didn't have my underwear on. We just made out, cuddled and all. He ate me out and /rubbed/ me. I know that his penis never came near anywhere my vagina. I know I sound stupid and all, but is it possible to get false pregnancy scares because of anxiety? I know that he only came at the end. I'm still a virgin too. But after that I've been feeling nauseous, getting cramps, and feeling bloated-- constipated even. Or is this just all in the mind & because of my anxiety? Stupid question, but thank you in advance <3

If semen was never near the vagina, you cannot be pregnant.You also wouldn't be experiencing symptoms this early. The nausea is probably caused by your anxiety, considering it can affect you physically as well. Your cramps and feeling bloated could be as well, but it might just be you about to start your period.?


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