10 days late and flipping out!

Hi guys, I'm 17 and my period is 10 days late... I'm freaking out. I take my birth control religiously!!! Two days before my period was supposed to come we had an accident and the condom broke so he basically came in me but we didn't worry too much because I was well past my fertile days.. but here we are ten days later and I have no period. I took a pregnancy test at eight days late and five days late, they both came out negative. My boobs are wicked sore so that's making me think I could be pregnant even though I tested negative. I also have never been this late before so it's scaring me... around the time my period was due I had light brown spotting as well. I'm really freaking out, is it possible I'm pregnant or am I overthinking it? :(

Your tests came back negative so I doubt that you are pregnant.
How long have you been on birth control? The pill can change your cycle. Stress, diet, sleep, and activity level can all effect your period as well. If you are really worried just take another test.


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