Dad found my pregnancy test

Hello. I am very embarrassed because I think my father saw my pregnancy test in my bathmrrom trash can. He was in my room working and I know he threw something away. When I opened the can, I could clearly see the test. I'm pretty sure I had placed it in the bottom. I don't know if he saw it, or took it out and looked, or if I'm worrying for nothing. I'm not even sexually active or worried about being pregnant. I'm still a virgin but I told my best friend I wasn't because I was embarrassed. She had a pregnancy scare and wanted me to take a test with her for moral support. I did (knowing it would be negative) and meant to throw it away somewhere else. I'm so embarrassed if he saw. Should I lie and say it's not mine or deny there is one? Hoping he didn't even see it...

Tough call.? Part of me says be direct and tell him the truth and that shows you're mature.? The other part of me says leave it alone but be honest when confronted.??


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