Period is four days late

my boobs are hurting like they normally do before a period and I've just taken a test that was negative, however my periods are nearly always on time, even early in fact and I'm very concerned as despite normally getting them to pull out someone didn't last week. I know the chances of conceiving so close to your period are lower than normal as I should've already ovulated and the stress I'm causing by worrying about it is probably delaying my period even more. Do I wait a week and take another test or what? My housemate also weirdly hasn't had her period either, could we possibly just be synching up?

I'd wait a week or so longer before retesting.? You say the chances of conceiving before your period is lower.? However, lower risk or not, there's truly no "safe" days. ?
While abstaining is the only 100% surefire way to not get pregnant,? what's preventing you from using condoms and/or other forms of birth control?? Pulling out is the most unreliable form of protecting yourself against pregnancy.? Condoms also are good in preventing many STDs...


So, gigglesammie, that's actually not true. There are "safe days" there's actually only about 2 or 3 days a month when your?egg is in the right place and you can get pregnant. This is why people take ovulation tests. You can sometimes get pregnant?outside those days as semen?can live in the body for a couple days after sex but you still have to be ovulating to get pregnant. Also, period syncing?is a myth. It's probably just stress but test again in a week if your period?is still late.

I think you should take a strip test if your periods are more than 7 days late.


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