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Just to get straight to the point ... I had unprotected sex Jan 3 ... Ever since then my boobs have been hurting extremely ... I got my period at the end of the month like always ... My nipples started lactating ... Making milk ... In February ... I got my period as well at the end of the month .. But I had gain a tad weight and my boobs gotten bigger ?... I know that if you get your period you can't be pregnant ... But if that's the case then why are my boobs still hurting & creating milk ... And I've been feeling this kicking sensation in my ribs .. Please help?

It is possible to be pregnant and still get one more period, however, the kicking in ribs would not be possible at only 2-3 months. I'd take a test.

So should I wait till the end of March to see if I can another period ? I can't really go out & buy a test because my mother is always around me & I don't trust s friend to take me & get one . So all I've been doing is waiting . So far my back & boobs have been hurting .?

You need to see a doctor. It's extremely unlikely that you are producing milk if you are getting a period, and any kind of discharge from the nipple can be a symptom of a bigger problem. Tell your mom or whoever and get a doctor appointment.

I agree with alegnatm. Alot of other health problems can produce symptoms similar to pregnancy.

Sorry I should've said this before . I went to the doctor 3 times complaining of breast pain & discharge & all of them ask me was I pregnant and of course I said no because I obviously figured I wasn't . I've been having back Bain , Brest pain , my stomach has been feeling so weird lately . But I haven't missed my period nor have I had morning sickness .?

And lately every time I sit down its like my breast are sitting ontop of my ribs . I can't sit down comfortable because I can literally feel my ribs . It's like as if they moved on & it's so painful. But just so i won't leave anything out . I was really depressed at one point because I thought I wa so regnant that I began punching myself in the stomach in January. I know it wasn't the best thing to do , I just didnt want to have the baby .

... you punched yourself in the stomach and you are wondering why you are having stomach issues?

I would see another Dr. For a second opinion and have them do a pregnancy test. ?That's all you can really do at this point imo. ?

No I'm not wondering about stomach issues , i was just trying to figure out another way to see if I was pregnant or not . I didn't have morning sickness nor have I missed a period . But my breast have been lactating & I was told that your Brest can't create milk unless you're pregnant . & okay thank you carrie

You could be around 11 weeks pregnant and if you're pregnant, the sooner you get prenatal care (if pregnant), the better.? As stated, please take a pregnancy test NOW (public health clinic, Planned Parenthood, or buy 1) and discuss your concerns with a doctor A.S.A.P. as it could be nothing too serious or quite bad.

What confuses me here is why the doctors didn't do a pregnancy test (to rule out pregnancy) or a blood test.? Didn't they look at the colostrum (liquid that turns into breast milk after having child) to see the texture of it?? Could this caused from prolactinomas?? Hyperprolactinemia?? Galactorrhea?? These 3 are impacted by prolactin.? Could you be pregnant?? Vaginal discharge can mimic periods while you're pregnant and morning sickness isn't a given always.????

Do you have a gyno?? How recently have you had STI screenings?
Are you getting help with your depression?? if so, do they know you're done some self harm?

You know it's ok to not have sex if you're afraid to get a pregnancy test or discuss with your mom??


I can't go to a doctor because I don't want my mom finding out . They didn't do a pregnancy test because I told them I couldn't be pregnant. They didn't check to see if liquid was coming out . All they did was give me a ultra sound on my breast & said they didn't find anything .?

Don't want your mom finding out?? How did you see the doctor 3 times without her knowing?
So defying the odds and say you're around 2.5-3 months pregnant, you'd be ok with hiding this from your mom??? You'd be ok with putting the child's life in danger for not getting prenatal care?? The longer you hide this from mom, the more upset she may be.?
So your mom finds out you're having sex?? It's not the end of the world and while it may be tough for a while, your relationship should get better.?

Not trying to be mean, since you aren't mature enough to handle the responsibilities, you should quit having sex until you can.?

That and if you are pregnant, she's gonna find out sooner or later. Can't really hide a 4-9 month pregnant stomach and going into labor.

The first three times I saw the doctors was because of my breast . My boobs were really sore and hurting so bad and my nipples had little white dots in them so I assumed it was milk . ' Iactually I only had sex ONCE in my life & that's the experience I'm talking about now ... I know it was stupid for me to let him do it unprotected but I let him get into my head because he told me he was going to leave if I didnt and I don't love myself so I didn't want to get rid of someone whom I thought loved me . But that's another story . I can't have this baby , I'm 18 & im about to graduate , I'm irresponsible I dont know the first thing of taking care of a baby and I won't let my mom do it ?and my mom heart is weak and this would just break her heart . ?I know what I've done & what I'm doing is stupid . I just wanted to know from you all if I could have possibly been pregnant even though I got my period twice already . If you knew my family , you'd know it's the end of the world for me .

We're not judging you, hun. Things happen, you're only human. Humans make mistakes :) and most of the time, we can learn from them.?

Anywho, I think what you should be doing right now is work on a way that you can get ahold of a pregnancy test and take it. I know you said it was difficult, but you'll just have to find a way to try and rule it out. Because at this point you don't even?know if?you're pregnant. Do you drive? Do you think you can tell her you just feel stressed out and want to go for a drive and then buy some while you're out and take them at a gas station? And if you can manage to get them, get a pack of them, not just one. That way you can make sure if the first result is accurate.

Yeah, it is better to consult a doctor.

Maybe it could be due to some hormone issues.

I still haven't taken a test yet but I got my period again today like normal . Idk what could be causing my breast & back pain .?

Has anything happened yet?? Seen a doctor?? take ANY tests?


I haven't taken a test or seen a doctor but I've been getting my period regularly. My beats still hurt from time to time

Hey Vanessa, I see it's been a while since anyone has posted and so I am wondering how it all ended, did you ever try taking a pregnancy test? Did you get another checkup?

I'm just curious since you're saying you're afraid to tell your parents you had sex, how old are you? I can tell you everyone reaches the age where we are sexually ripe at some point and sex is an instinctive human thing. You shouldn't be ashamed of having had it. It may be hard for your parents to understand but they too have been at your age. So I would recommend talking to them and if not them find someone you can trust, a close friend, perhaps another family member and ask them for help.

I really hope you ended up finding out you weren't pregnant and that you are more careful the next time, if you're incapable of dealing with the possible consequences of sex you should consider abstaining until you are. Keep in mind that your sexpartner at the time also has a certain responsibility, and if anything happens they should be around to help you, if not they are likely not worth your time.

Best of luck!


hey thank you for the advice . ive been to the doctor recently and they haven't said anything . They've checked my stomach with no knowledge of what I've done?and there's nothing in there . But I maybe overthinking by I feel like something could possibly be in my ribs but idk . I hope I'm not though . I thought. Guy I did it wth was genuine but turned out he had a gf for 7 years and didn't plan on leaving her and now I'm afraid he may have gave me something so now I'm scared even more . My boobs still hurt every now & then ... I'll be on my own soon so I'll just wait till in on my own to get everything checked out confidentially . I can't have my parents find out , I just can't .?


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