i dont know if im just scared or what

i have a question about my periods. usually they are from 3 -4 weeks apart and last 3-4 days. it is usually light flow without cramps on day one, heavy the first night during sleep, then the next day i have cramps and heavyish flow and heavy flow at night and same for the third day then it starts to slow the third and forth day. well this time i started 2 weeks and 5 days apart from my last and in the morning , had cramps and heavyish flow by the end of the day but not much during sleep, the next morning i had heavy flow and cramps again during half the day then it slowed to a very very light flow and nothing during sleep, and is barley anything on the third. im on adderall, oxtellar, and geodon for medications. is there a chance i could be pregnant, or no because it was heavy the first day at the end of the day and beginning of the next day. i however did have sex almost two weeks ago.

Probably not, but I hope everything works out for you, @babyknwh



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