Is it too early? PLS READ!!

Hello Ladies ,

I will be 25 February 13th and my will be 1 on 16th of February. I was with my father for almost 8years but 3months into my pregnancy his father walked out and has been absent since. Howevever while I was pregnant and huge I met a guy and became ?really close friends. After having my son my buddy and I got together. ?He treat and love my son as his own. He is truly a wonderful man and father. He the man my son calls dad hes be there for us and love us whole heartedly. He has always wanted children 5 to be exact but he said he hasnt rac across any woman good enough to bare his children or be his wife until he met me. He wants a child now so that the kids can grow up close in age. Ive thought about and all that he has said but is it to early? He want experience everything and I know hes going to be there for me but Idk. I truly love this man and ill do anything ?to make him happy but I think my past is making me sceptical. I want another child but I didnt think I'd be trying so soon. Opinions?

I personally would wait, because your instincts could be telling you something. Dont move too early,especially with doubts.

I think you shoul wait.


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