Hey guys, I know this is still partially a pregnancy question but it's mostly a PMS question. So I typically start my period around Day 30-34 and anywhere around there. It's not very predictable but I am indeed on day 37. I was getting some cramps a few days ago but then they kinda just.. Stopped? Aside from that I've gotten PMS symptoms that I used to get in early high school, like mood swings and acne, which is strange. Normally I would just have cramps and fatigue, but this cycle I got:
Cravings for junk, acne, and irritability. And normally my breast would hurt but not this month. Nips were kinda senstive but I didn't really count that.?

Could it be that my hormones are just whack? Lemme know what PMS is like for you.

It's day 39 and my period still hasn't come. Should I buy a test?

last cycle, my period was really delayed. Almost two weeks.?

Its the first time in a long time that my cycle was delayed that long. I wonder if my period will start to be delayed this long from now on? Lemme know your thoughts on this. Thanks!

Buy a test. It will put your mind at ease.?

I'll be making a trip tomorrow, thanks


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