How accurate are at home pregnancy tests?

Specifically, how accurate is First Response? I took two tests one day after my missed period and got negatives, and then I took one this morning (three days after missed period) and got another negative. Even though I'm experiencing symptoms and my period still hasn't come yet, is it safe to say that I'm not pregnant?

One day after a missed period probably isn't enough time to give an accurate result. Your period can be delayed a few days for any number of reasons, including stressing over if you're pregnant or not. The symptoms you're experiencing could just be from your period and it's just off schedule for one of the bajillion reasons it could be. Period and pregnancy symptoms are frustratingly similar, so give yourself another couple of days and do your best not to stress over it, because it's not gonna help. You can also go to a pregnancy center and have a blood test which is more accurate (and more often than not, free of charge).

Thank you so much for the advice. How long do you think I should wait until taking another test? I chose First Response because it said it would be able to predict up to six days before a missed period, but I'm still apprehensive...

Give yourself another few days. I'm sure if a pt that can detect pregnancy hormones or lack-there-of up to six days before a missed period, then you're probably good. There're numerous things that can delay your period that are as simple as a change of diet or exercise, or just your level of stress. And considering you seem pretty worried and it's only been one day after a missed period, I'd say it's probably just stress.

Yeah I'm definitely stressed haha. At this point, I'm three days passed my missed period, although I took a test first thing this morning and it came back negative, too. I'm just worried because my period usually isn't late and I've been experiencing symptoms that have never came with my period before.


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