If I'm not pregnant, what gives?

I've had sex a couple times this month and used condoms. My period is about a week or so late. My cycle is usually 30-35 days long, and I'm currently on day 44. I feel a few twinges here and there but no serious cramps. The first day of my last period was the 3rd of October. About a week after that, I had gotten into a big mess with an ex best friend and I had a lot of stress and anxiety going on. Then midterms came about and I had a lot of lack of sleep and my eating habits changed a lot. These things could explain that maybe I never ovulated or it was delayed drastically. A few days ago I started to feel a few twinges, gas, lots of vaginal discharge, bloating, (I know, tmi). And this usually happens around the time I ovulate. Could I be ovulating now? I took a pregnancy test on Friday, (Day 40 of my current cycle), and it said it was negative.?

I'm a bit skeptical about my period being late due to stress and anxiety, but could this be it?

I guess my question is, how does stress or a major change in routine affect you if it does? I'm trying to feel a little bit better about this, if it IS stress that is messing up my cycle.

Update: I'm currently trying not to panic or make a big deal. Like I said I was supposed to get my period on the first week of this month and it looks like I'm about to be two weeks late. I've had to negative pregnancy tests but this morning I had brown spotting which quickly became pink and then reddish. I don't usually ever have spotting. What do I do??

It could be caused by the eating disorder you've posted about before. There's a condition called amenorreah where you stop having a period as a result of malnutrition. ?It's your body's way of trying to hold on to anything that will keep it alive longer. I had it when I was annorexic and it took about 8 months for my period to come back.?

*******I realize this thread is old enough that if you were pregnant, you'd definitley know by now lol. I already wrote my response and maybe someone else can read it if they have a similar issue. And if you read this, were you pregnant?

If the pregnancy test is negative, I wouldn't be too worried, as long as you took it in the morning and you didn't chug a bunch of water in order to get enough urine for it. I read that too much water can dilute the pregnancy hormone that shows up (or something like that, I'm not sure on the science lol) and of course the morning will show up with more of the hormone as well. Again though, I think if it's negative then you're ok. :)

As for the spotting, bloating, etc. it could be many other things, not necessarily pregnancy,



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