Beware of Crisis Pregnancy Centers

So I recently went to a CPC and there was something eerie about the place. It made me feel uncomfortable and I didn't know why. Part of me said I shouldn't have gone and that I shouldve just gone to Planned Parenthood. A free pregnancy test should have been red flag. More red flags came when she asked me about my life and the guilible person I am, I did. All they asked was my name, address, potential father (big red flag), and what my decision was. They asked where I go to school and unnecessary things like that. I think they use this to find a way to guilt you out of thinking abortion is okay. She gave me a whole lecture on what the fetus looks like at different weeks and made me view video. I read the text at the bottom of the pamphlets she gave me and they were written by prolife organizations. This was a huge mistake. So I offer this as a way to share my experience and warn the rest of you guys.

I would also ask for your input and if you've even been in one of these things. I am very afraid right now because I don't want them mailing anything to me for my mother to find out that I've been taking pregancy tests. I am very anxious and I'm crying. I called them back but I got a redirected call because the place I went to is currently closed. She said that I could call them and say that I don't want them to mail me anything. When I signed a paper, it said that I could have confidentiality and that I could be contacted through different ways and I chose phone. But I'm scared they're going to be deceptive and send me stuff anyways. What do you think? Please help I just feel so stupid.?

Crisis Pregnancy Centers are notorious for doing that. They aren't even an abortion clinic, they're just fundamentalist christians trying to guilt you out of getting an abortion. This also includes giving you false information. For future reference, never go anywhere with "crisis" in the name. And never, NEVER, should a health care provider push their beliefs or opinons on what you should do unless it pertains to your health. And they also shouldn't be telling you you're "gullible". That's not what professionals do.

You're not supid, it's not something that super well known. Like they don't tell you this stuff at school and parents usually don't know anything about it, so they don't tell you. I learned about it when I watched a documentary about it with my brother.

As far as contacting your mother or doing something that may alert her, probably not.?


Thanks, yeah I feel better about it. I just think its awful how guilty they can make you feel. And this is coming from someone who is 100% pro-choice! It terrifies me how persistent they are, willing to go as far as to lie about anything!

I am so sorry that has happened to you. I will deff make sure to tell my friends about this also!


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