so recently me and my boyfriend have had sex four times this month and two times we started without a condom. once he was close we added a condom so he could finish, dumb i know. But now my period is late and I'm freaking out? my body is really warm and my discharge (tmi) is like white and creamy, i dont really have many pms symptoms i've just been feeling stressed and sad. Help??!

My symptoms of pregnancy included drowsiness, headaches, a hardening of my lower stomach, right above my vagina, and constant cramping for two weeks like I was about to start my period but never did; this was my pregnancy symptoms at 2-3wks of pregnancy.

In my opinion, if you are cramping constantly but are not starting your period, and it's been at least a week, you need to take a pregnancy test.

I'm not really having any cramping. The only thing i can think of that is delaying my period is the stress and bad eating habits i have. I'll make an appointment for a pregancy test at a clinic this weekend just to be sure?

I would make an appointment just to be sure. For me, the big sign I ignored was the cramping for two weeks with no period. Everyone experiences pregnancy differently, but, like I said, that was my big sign that I ignored...maybe you can be put to ease a little if you don't have the cramping.

Like the cramps I have aren't really there? Theyre like so light but then they go away easily. Its almost like theyre not really cramps, and maybe I'm just thinking that im cramping. other than that i feel normal if that makes sense. No obvious symptoms not even like obvious pms.
yeah i think?I'll make an appointment for this weekend


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