So the past week I have had a very hard time falling asleep.. Iv?e been thinking alot more than usual at night. I think about a ton of things and sometimes ill just feel really emotional and start crying. Also I feel uncomfortable. My back has been hurting... but im not sure about it being a pregnancy symptom because its not neccessarily in my lower back, which i guess is where it would be. My legs feel sore. I cry over things i normally wouldnt. I feel like i am but i took a test two days ago and it was negative. Maybe it was just the test or maybe theres not enough hcg?? idk.. any thoughts?

Oh.. Right, im sorry. My bf and i have has sex every weekend the past maybe 3 or 4 weeks. Sometimes we would do it 2 times a day. I was ovulating when we had sex, without protection on friday and saturday

Yeah i was thinking it may be from a previous time and no im not ttc..

Well this may sound stupid, im not ttc but it wouldnt be an issue if I did become pregnant. My bf and I don?t use condoms and i?m not on bc, we use the pull out method.?

Well im expecting my period in 8 days so im just gonna wait to see if it comes or not..

Yeah, interesting


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