So the past week I have had a very hard time falling asleep.. Iv?e been thinking alot more than usual at night. I think about a ton of things and sometimes ill just feel really emotional and start crying. Also I feel uncomfortable. My back has been hurting... but im not sure about it being a pregnancy symptom because its not neccessarily in my lower back, which i guess is where it would be. My legs feel sore. I cry over things i normally wouldnt. I feel like i am but i took a test two days ago and it was negative. Maybe it was just the test or maybe theres not enough hcg?? idk.. any thoughts?

We need details of your sexual activity in order to be able to provide help..

Oh.. Right, im sorry. My bf and i have has sex every weekend the past maybe 3 or 4 weeks. Sometimes we would do it 2 times a day. I was ovulating when we had sex, without protection on friday and saturday

There is a possibility of a chance of pregnancy but you wouldn't be experiencing symptoms this soon so close after recent sex. BUT sperm can live inside of you for up to five days so one of your previous altercations may have allowed for his sperm to stay around until you were ovulating. Are you TTC?

Yeah i was thinking it may be from a previous time and no im not ttc..

Then may I ask why you're having unprotected sex?

Well this may sound stupid, im not ttc but it wouldnt be an issue if I did become pregnant. My bf and I don?t use condoms and i?m not on bc, we use the pull out method.?

The pull-out method is not an effective method of birth control and you must track your ovulation with accuracy to even slim the chance of not getting pregnant. But hey if it's not an issue then alright. 😊 You may be pregnant right now. Have you tried re-testing?

Well im expecting my period in 8 days so im just gonna wait to see if it comes or not..

Yeah, interesting


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