Maybe Pregnant? Antibiotics and BC

Hello All!

So I'm worried I may be pregnant, I switched Birth Controls just a couple of months ago, I went from Aleese to Ortho-Tri-Cyclen Lo... Anywho, I take my pill at the exact same time every day never missed a pill, on the week in which I would be ovulating (but technically you don't because of the BC) I started on Amoxacillien for Bronchitis that I had. My boyfriend and I had unprotected Sex because my V doesn't react well to any forms of Condoms, I'm seeing a specialist shortly about that, anyways, we NEVER comes inside of me at least that's what he says, he always pulls out and cums elsewhere, which is totally find I never worry, HOWEVER, two days after our sexual encounter my panties have an explosion of Ovulation Muscus, it was white in colour quite sticky, quite a large amount as well, I haven't had that in a long time. Now is it possible that my antibiotics could've effected my BC so much that it created a free space for any (maybe spermys) to be getting ready to meet an egg.?

I read that a common sign of possble pregnancy is the implantation bleeding around the 9th to 14th day after conception, wellyesterday (which was the 14th day after our sexual encounter) I had one small spot of brown blood on my panties, I wiped after using the washroom and very light faint specs of blood were on there, I put on a panty liner continued on with my day and by the next time I went to the washroom there was no spots of blood left. I'm now concerned that that was implantation bleeding. I am scheduled to have my period this upcoming weekend but I'm highly nervous it won't be coming.?

Now I'm wondering if anyone has experience getting pregnant when using BC and Amoxacillian, is it a common thing? Could I possibly be pregnant because of the antibiotics?

Thanks for the help in advance!?

It is better to take a pregnancy test to be sure.


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