Gum disease during pregnancy

I have been to the dentist last week as my teeth was hurting very badly and my gums bleed a lot. I had problems with my gum before but they appeared to become worse now. I am 5months pregnant and really worried. I have been told to get periodontal care ( ) and read online that there will be effects of severe gum disease on pregnancy like possible miscarriage and low birth weight babies.=14.6667px Am I over-worrying? Has anyone had a baby with also having periodontal disease or know of anyone?? ?

Periodontal Gum Disease Risk Factors
Periodontal disease?is a serious infection that is caused by bacteria building up in the mouth to such an extent that they cannot be controlled by the body s own immune system.
It is often called a ?silent disease? as there are few initial symptoms, but it is enormously destructive.?Advanced gum disease?may result in?tooth loss?which can be very upsetting, and can also mean you will require ongoing treatment to try to control this chronic condition.
?However there are certain factors that increase your chances of getting this serious condition. Being aware of your personal Gum Disease risk can help you take action so you are less likely to develop gum disease.



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