I want to be pregnant

I want a baby so bad especially since I found out it might be hard to get pregnant and stay pregnant.....

I don't see how the fact that it may be hard for you to have a baby is enough incintive to have one right now.?

I'm 14 and I really want a baby. I want someone to love me. I want someone to take care of and be mine. Is that bad?

Getting pregnant at this young age is not a child's play. You should be matured enough to handle and take care of a baby. So please don't rush.

If you want kids great, but not at this age. Even caring for?a dog can be hard let alone a child. I could not even imagine. Your entire life will resolve around your kid, and everything will be harder. It's also very expensive, so unless you can afford your own place and afford a child then don't have one.?

I'm 20 and I'm in no way shape or form ready to have a baby. Babies are not dolls. You can't just have one and play for for as long as you want and put it up when you're done. I also don't see why people say it's only an "18 year contract", because nope, they're still lifelong. You won't be taking care of them for your whole life, but they're still there when they become adults. And especially these days, it's very common for people to still live with their parents several years after they turn 18. You haven't even graduated high school yet, if you think college age people are scared to death to have a kid because they won't be able to get their degree and get a job that will support them and be what they want to be doing, how difficult do you think it's going to be for someone who doesn't even have their high school diploma yet? At this age, your world still revolves around you. You wouldn't get to do a lot of the things you want to do unless your parents are willing to watch your kid for you, and at 14, you NEED to be hanging out with your friends and doing kid stuff.

I had that between ages of 17 and 23. 28 now and possibly pregnant and ready to tear my uterus out. UGH!

think long run.. think of the things you could do without kids!!

I honestly think that you are too young to have kids. This is the time of your life when you can explore the world and live your life. Think of kids once you are atleast 26.

I think it is nothing but baby fever. I think you are too young to raise a baby. You should be mature enough to have kids.

Did a doctor tell you that you could (would) have issues with becoming pregnant and having a baby?
Regardless, please hold off on trying to get pregnant as you likely won't be prepared to deal with a miscarriage, pregnancy, or pregnancy fear.

Ive been diagnosed with ovarian multikistoz a few years ago, my cycle was too long, about 33-35 days and I didnt ovulate. It really affected my sex life, because I felt like something was wrong with me. My hormones drove me crazy and the pains during my period were horrible.Ive been on vitamins and medical treatment since, but it didn?t really help me. So I started looking for other treatment options. I came across Kegel and Ben Wa Ball course and it changed my life.

Please do not get pregnant! I have a four year old and although she is my world and i love her more than anything, it is a HUGE responsibility and it has taken alot of sacrifices and alot of money!! Live your life first! Travel and get a career! I still get baby fever sometimes now, and then it passes.


Actually, absolutely agree. It's a huge?responsibility?

Pregnancy is a magic moment for every woman, there are a lot of preparations, trips etc. I have been waiting for it for years! And now I am the happiest mom :) I can recommend a good pregnancy app, it will be good for moms or moms to be, check it out - http://mom.life/en

There is no specific age to get pregnant but I would say that best age for a healthy pregnancy is 23-29.

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