Flu shot?
I know someone posted a similar topic not to long ago asking about flu shots during pregnancy but I'm trying to figure out if I should get Derek the flu shot.I've never gotten the flu shot, even when I was pregnant, nor has my husband. Derek's pediatrician wants us to have him get it at 6 months but we're not sure. He tried to scare us by saying babies can die from the flu but not from the flu shot but I'm not convinced. He said only 15% of the population get the flu every year and honestly, that doesn't seem like a very scary number to me, especially since people who get the flu shot can still get the flu.Do you girls give you kids the flu shot/ plan to give it to them? Why or why not?Josh didn't want him to have the flu shot either until the doctor scared him with the possible death thing and if he really wants Derek to get it then I'll go along with it but personally I don't think its necessary. What do you think?
To be honest, the only time I ever got the flu was the year I got a flu shot, so I don't plan of giving Ally a flu shot until she's old enough to make the choice on her own
Both of my boys have gotten the flu shot. Nathan had the flu last year but it was quiet a while after getting the shot. I dont think he's gotten it this year though. I got the flu shot when I was pregnant with Nathan and a month later got the flu for 2 days. And I know that my mom never had us get the flu shot and I rarely had the flu. But a couple of my brothers got it (the flu) every year and didn't get the shot. I think its not really neccisary, and I probably won't have them get it anymore. Since I got sick the one time I got it. Lol. On a side note- I don't like how doctors try to scare pregnant women and new moms into things by saying terrible things about doing something or not doing something. Lame.
I got mine like a month ago and have been fine. And my son got his yesterday morning. He had a fever of 102 last night but it broke in the middle of the night and this morning it was like he was never sick. He was up and running around. But if he doesn't go to daycare your probably fine not getting it done. But if he does you probably should to be on the safe side.
Yeah that really lowered my opinion of him =/
No he doesn't go to day care and we hardly ever go out anywhere so there aren't many places he could catch it.
My kids have never gotten the flu shot and never will.
Mind if I ask why?
I'm definitely getting Alessa the flu shot and getting it myself. I get the flu bad whenever I don't get the shot, I nearly ended up in the hospital last time, and went temporarily blind. Plus I work with children and it's just safer for everyone. I also plan on being either a nurse or mortician and have to get all sorts of shots. Children and the elderly are more prone to getting the flu and having complications from it. As are pregnant women.
I would say don't get it... our pediatrician said they are actually more dangerous than getting the flu... but I guess everyone has their own thoughts
Why put anymore chemicals and drugs into their systems?
minxy613 said...Do you girls give you kids the flu shot/ plan to give it to them? Why or why not?Nope.  I don't get it either.  Sam has to, per the military, but if he could he'd skip out of it as well.I just don't find them necessary for the kids.  Drew got it once, around his 1st birthday, & was sick for over a week afterward.  I've gotten it several times in years past & same thing...I end up way sicker with the shot than without.  So we stick with the 'without' route.
Thank you all for you input, it was really helpful to know that I'm not that only one who thinks the flu shot does more harm than good =)Derek won't be getting the flu shot. Josh was wanting him to get it since the doctor said Derek could die if we didn't (which is sick if you ask me, I think I'll be looking for another pediatrician if he ever pulls that stunt again) but we talked it over and he found out all the facts (like Derek could get the flu anyways) we decided that we didn't want Derek to have another shot, especially one that could so more harm than good.Again, thanks to everyone who posted =)
We don't do the flu shot. Our old pediatrician tried scaring us with the death thing, but we knew that the possibility of that is low too. Our new nurse practitioner told us she recommends people who constantly work or around with sicklings(like her, midwives, doctors, people constantly at the hospital, etc.) get it, but normal people and children in normal work enviroments shouldn't bother. I've never had the flu shot, I've gotten the flu, was sick for a few days, and returned to normal. If your child got the flu, just take care of them and they'll more than likely get over it in a week. Joshua used to get the shot, then  get the flu...so it was kinda like "what's the point?".
I have never gotten the flu shot and have never had the flu. Ever lol So I won't be getting it, neither will Ian or my husband. My mom got it because she gets the flue every year very bad around january. So in hopes to not get it, she got the shot since she will be taking care of Ian while I'm at school, which starts in january.

I think it is never safe to override a doctor's reason based on hat people say. You should either consult other doctors or do? a lot more research on the same.The flu vaccine protects children from influenza viruses that can cause serious illness and even death. Young children are especially vulnerable to these viruses. Every year in the United States, an average of 20,000 children younger than 5 are hospitalized with flu complications, such as pneumonia.Children age 2 and younger who come down with the flu are the most likely to have serious complications.The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends flu vaccine as well as other flu medications each year for just about?everyone, including babies who are at least 6 months old.It's most effective to get the vaccine as soon as it's available in the fall


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