Am I over reacting?

Hi girls, Im new here
Ive been a little concerned today. My boyfriend and I are sexually active, never had a problem at all. But today, while we were having sex, or at the very end when we were done, I felt very sticky and a lot of liquid around my thighs and under my vag*na. We are not sure if his condom leaked. Some people say it?s impossible for that to happen. But, once he felt the need to cum, he pulled out (wearing a condom) he got away from me and then that?s when I saw all that liquid around me. Note*we did use lube, and probably a lot. He is a 100% sure it was all the lube what I felt probably with all my fluids. But my concern is, can semen leak out of a condom? *Also, I decided to take plan B just in case! What do yall think?


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