Period is 14 days late...

My period is usually regular and I have it tracked almost perfectly down to the day give or take a couple days. This month it is 14 days late. I have been sexually active although we've always used protection. I've taken two pregnancy tests in the afternoon and they came out negative. I have had my periods be slightly late due to stress but never two full weeks. I've been stressed lately but I'm not sure if this is why this is happening. Could I be pregnant or am I just overthinking it??

Just relax................Don't get tensed so fast. It might be getting late either due to your stress or due to climatic changes.

Try and relax, whatever happens will happen, and worrying about it won't help. Have you been experiencing any symptoms of pregnancy or pms lately?

I hope everything goes well for you, I'm in a similar situation too :( I wish all the best to you


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