Girlfriends pregnant and is not the worried

The past 2 months has been a complete hell for anyone who comes in contact with my girlfriend ex girlfriend or w.e. she says we are at the moment. We found out she was 8wks pregnant at the end of janurary a few days b4 my birthday.( the pregnany was planned and she wanted to start a family with me ) she's always been known to have a very very very bad attitude and will get violent sometimes but its because of her past. The woman i no is sweet caring extremely loving sensitive and extremely beautiful. But about 4 weeks b4 we found out, she start complaing about feeling bad and weird her breast and body hurting and also about her thougts being very dark and angry. Before me and her was so close that literally people would ask us if we were twins in puplic all the time lol until we start kissing then we'll get dirty looks. But around 4wks pregnant is when the anger started getting out of control even for her. She starts fights with almost everyone literally(and i mean fights) she tries her hardest to hurt the 1s closest to her. Her family has told me that their entire hse is not speaking to her and wants her out. Then with me everything i do is grounds for murder lbs. She make sure to hurt my feelings daily by saying things like i want u dead im going to abort your baby or stop calling me your not the father or shes not gonna let me be in the childs life. But in the same sentences would say things like i need to do this n that for the baby or i need to read more daddy books or shes happy were having a baby. But at this point idk what to think. We were truly in love n made for each other both our families n friends would tell us that they hope they can find someone to love them the way we did. But since the symptoms she says she doesnt love me anymore and just wants me to leave her alone for good. Are there any women who felt like this during their pregnancy like this n will it ever get better. I hate seeing her like this it really hurts


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