I am new here and PLEASE HELP QUICK, am I pregnant????

my name is Lucy and I am 12. I am completely frakining out. I think I may be pregnant. I know it?s probably not possible. I never had sex or was ever around a man without clothes on. I mastrubated once after my last period which was in the begging of February. I washed my hands before and only was near my v but did not go all the way in. I can feel a heart beat in my stomach, but it seems to match up to my own. I also think I was peeing frequently yesterday, but seem to be fine now. My stomach also felt like it had gas bubbles in it, but idk if that is what it is. I also had diarea ?yesterday afternoon. PLEASE RESPOND QUICK!!! I can?t go to sleep I am so scared.

... why on Earth would you be pregnant? Take some sex ed classes, or look up online how pregnancy really works


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