I am new here and PLEASE HELP QUICK, am I pregnant????

my name is Lucy and I am 12. I am completely frakining out. I think I may be pregnant. I know it?s probably not possible. I never had sex or was ever around a man without clothes on. I mastrubated once after my last period which was in the begging of February. I washed my hands before and only was near my v but did not go all the way in. I can feel a heart beat in my stomach, but it seems to match up to my own. I also think I was peeing frequently yesterday, but seem to be fine now. My stomach also felt like it had gas bubbles in it, but idk if that is what it is. I also had diarea ?yesterday afternoon. PLEASE RESPOND QUICK!!! I can?t go to sleep I am so scared.

... why on Earth would you be pregnant? Take some sex ed classes, or look up online how pregnancy really works

You can't get pregnant just by masterbating !!

You gotta have semen in or around you to get pregnant... you've never had any encouter with male genitals so there's no way you're pregnant... relax, I masturbate all the time and just because you put something in your vagina doesn't mean you're automatically pregnant. P.S. You're not gonna get pregant if you eat semen either... you just gotta keep it away from your vag.
If you're peeing frequitely, you likely drank lots of water.
If your stomach has gas and bubbles in it, you clearly ate something funky or too much of some ingredient.?
Diarreah further suggests that you ate something different the other day that affected your system, but it all should go away fairly quickly.


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