Light bleeding

for my past couple cycles I have been bleeding rather light than I?m used to. I went from a regular four day cycle and now my current period is only seemly going to last 4 days-ish. To be specific I only really went through 2 tampons during the daytime plus having one in at night. I had cramping and back pain and bloating. Today is day 3 and couldn?t even fill one tampon. I don?t think I?m pregnant since this has been a trend. Last period was light but not as light.

im really skeptical about stress affecting my period but I have been very depressed and anxious and stressed in the past few months.

regardless I will buy a pregnancy test soon. Perhaps I have a hormone imbalance?

This can happen at times when you have contraceptive pills in a short period of tiem. It happened to me and I completely lost it. However, i was relieved after a few days.It is for this reason very important read about the ill effcts of ontraceptive pills. May people take them without worrying or knowing about the side effects. There are many ways that these pills can affect our bodies which includes irregular periods. Another possible reason could be that you took a few too many or strong pills for mentrual cramps which can again lead to complications and light beeding. Although, menstrual pain can be quite severe at times, taking too many tablets for menstrual cramps can again prove to be unhealthy. There are many ways through which you could reduce the pain like applying heat, drinking chamomile tea or even acupuncture therapies.The tablets should always be the last resort.?

Hi, I am actually not on contraceptive pills. And I did have to take some pain killers on day one but taking pain killers has never caused me a problem before.?

Has there been any lifestye cange that you have gone through recently? If yes then that could cause some hormonal imbalace which could be the cause of? it. Or you can check for other resons which may be causing some hormonal issues.?


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