Supposed to be not pregnant but late period???

Before thanksgiving break last month (18 nov) we fooled around and he came on my stomach. 3 days later I had my period, like actual period and NOT spotting (4-5 days like usual). But this month (dec) I haven't got my period and its late for almost a week. What is most likely happening? I sometimes have late periods like this but idk whats going o

Did you use a withdrawal method as I understood? If yes, than you can be pregnant because it's a very unsafe type of contraception and it isn't recommended in general.
Do you also feel any other symptoms like nausea or pain in your breasts? I can advise you to make a test, try several different types of them, it's a good time for using them. Also it's better to test in the mornings when the level of hgc will be higher in your body. Some online tests? can be helpful too, they're rather often recommended by gynecologists for more deep check in addition to other ones and are based on the same methods which they use for identifying pregnancy too.
On the other hand it can also be connected with hormonal issues, stress and other illnesses so I think it's better to visit a gynecologist.


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