My period is 4 days late?

So my period is 4 days late and I'm really worried. I have a boyfriend - and ill be really honest about what happened - I'm a virgin, but I have tossed and sucked him off before. This month I gave him a hand job and he came. I washed my hands afterwards but he didn't as he didn't get anything on his hands. He then fingered me. I'm terrified I might be pregnant. Ive?been on the pill before twice, last time I was on it was this april?and stopped taking it then. I started my period 2 years ago and was very regular bang on 28 days every period. Ever since I have gone on the pill (The two times I went on it were only for 2 weeks) my periods have never been regular again. I'm incredibly worried and stressed and maybe the stress is delaying it more? Any advice?


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